Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Writing Competition

The aim for the storywriting competition is to write a story about a personal experience. You can exaggerate the experience. The four teachers choose five kids each to have their story sent to Joy Cowley who is the judge. There are prizes you can win that you might want to get your hands on and all people who participate in the competition go in the draw to win some wicked prizes. We wish all the writers the best of luck and pray for all the finalists to make St Josephes proud!

Millie    Sean

Monday, 29 August 2011


In our class a kid invented Junior Masterchef.
In this Competition you have to cook a healthy Rugby themed dish. The winning group of 3 will then get an amazing prize hamper and will then be crowned Saint Joseph's First Masterchefs!!!

Monday, 1 August 2011


This term we are writing speeches. We have already had some people do their speeches and we think they are fantastic. Some of them are doing their speech on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Some are doing theirs on Monday because they were sick or on holiday. All of us hope that we will go really well on our speech. Everyone will have a different topic for our speech.
August 1st.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Middle Ages

This term we were studying about the middle ages and how people live, what they eat, the feudal system and its effects. So our teacher put as in groups and we all have to study something different like art, castles, food, entertainment, weapons and battles. So for the food they said once in a while the baker would put a bean in a bread, scone etc, and the person who gets the bean will be a honored guest of the day and they get extra food or money or clothes, and the art group researched mosaic and tapestry in the middle ages and how they use and what for also they made everyone in our class a brochure including our teacher so it was pretty creative, also the castle group researched the strongest, weakest or safest part in a castle, and the entertainment group talked about fairs and what was the entertainment back there, and the weapons group talked about the weapons they used for battle (of course).


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Science Day.

On Tuesday 21st June I went to a science day at Bayswater school !! We had a great day and learn't lots of new stuff. We learn't about solar panels, how to save energy and how we get our electricity. My favourite part was when we did stuff with the solar panels to make them work.I had a fun and interesting day and I hope the lucky people who get to go next year have fun to.