Friday, 24 June 2011

Middle Ages

This term we were studying about the middle ages and how people live, what they eat, the feudal system and its effects. So our teacher put as in groups and we all have to study something different like art, castles, food, entertainment, weapons and battles. So for the food they said once in a while the baker would put a bean in a bread, scone etc, and the person who gets the bean will be a honored guest of the day and they get extra food or money or clothes, and the art group researched mosaic and tapestry in the middle ages and how they use and what for also they made everyone in our class a brochure including our teacher so it was pretty creative, also the castle group researched the strongest, weakest or safest part in a castle, and the entertainment group talked about fairs and what was the entertainment back there, and the weapons group talked about the weapons they used for battle (of course).


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